Dear young people, we are super happy to present to you results of the Erasmus plus youth exchange project “Media literacy impact on youth”. This project is funded by the European Union. Hosting organization is WalkTogether from Bulgaria while Partners were Urbana mladež from Croatia, SSOU Dimitrija Cupovski from Macedonia, Over The Fence from Greece and Tavo Europa from Lithuania.
Project was implemented in Sevlievo from 22.10. -28.10.2018.

Today, we get most of our information through an interwoven system of media technologies. The ability to read many types of media has become an essential skill in the 21st Century. Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. Media literate youth and adults are better able to understand the complex messages we receive from television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, video games, music, and all other forms of media.

The issues that we worked with through this project was how to repress offensive content in media, hoaxes, misinformation and scam, hate, racism, violence and also when it comes to Internet itself, cyber bullying. On the other hand this project was focused on how to “safely” surf the internet, how to filter the information we get from TV, radio, newspapers, and how to identify fake news and frauds.

We made Ebook manual with methods on how to avoid fake news, misinformation and hoaxes in media for everyone to use and disseminate and FB page with various youtube videos which show if the products they tested are actually what the advertisements say they are. On this FB page we also shared stories of influential people who are not well known in the media. Tangible results also include youthpasses and photos from the project.

Ebook manual how to avoid fake news, misinformation and hoaxes in media
All the methods we used in identifying the fake article and unrealistic claims (what laws we apply in identifying them “unrealistic”)

Photo gallery of the project

FB page Media literacy impact on youth

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