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We want to present to you results of the project On-line Europe, a project funded by European Union.

Project coordinator is NGO Urbana mladež (Urban youth) from Zagreb, Croatia, while partners are Cultural – Artistic Association Plac from Slovenia, and Ecomission 21st Century association from Lovech, Bulgaria. Dates of projects are 28. 02. – 07.03. 2015. in Zagreb, Croatia.



Today’s world is a mix of our activities in the real world and ones in on-line world. As a young generation we grew up with the computer, Internet, cell phones, mobile Internet and social networks. We cannot deny that more and more is going on-line, from making friendship and every day communication to making business and cooperation. Progress can not be stopped but it should be well understood and world should properly benefit from it. While each young person will say that knows how to use social networks,Internet, multimedia, computer and mobile phone, which is true, in fact they know very little of how to use it properly. These Information communicationTechnology tools give us so much more than for what they are currently used.The aim of project is to equip a young person with skills and knowledge that will be valued on business market. Help them be more competitive in labor market. We recognize market needs for constant learning and growth of individuals,particularly young people. With a proper use of these tools they will manage to manipulate easier through digital world and get more familiar with Information communication Technology.


We had 32 participants who were actively participating in all activities during 8 days.  

Activities and workshops were conducted in topics of ICT, social networks, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, ChimpMail, and mobile applications Viber and WhatsApp. Part of project  were also intercultural experiences; Bulgarian, Slovenian and Croatian intercultural nights where all countries presented their traditions, dances, food and drinks. Also an sightseeing of Zagreb and various cultural games.

Since we had few workshops conected to social media Facebook, we will present you our official project project materials made by participants;

Online Europe Facebook fan page

Official Facebook group of the project

And official Facebook event

Workshops Facebook fan pages

Workshop Facebook groups

Workshop Facebook events

Workshop Facebook AD campaigns (photos)


An video AD made by participants for their Facebook AD (OMG)

From LinkedIn profiles you can find examples of fresh made participant profiles:


and updated ones:

Examples of Viber and Whatsapp handling and multimedia sharing workhop

And for the end diamond on the crown, an Mailchimp email campaigns of groups and participants;

All the pohotos you can find on our official FB fan page:

And best for the last: our fun evaluation videos

After project effects and results:

We proudly present to you an email campaign in MailChimp which our participant David Jan started using for his business after completation of this project.This is a great example of implementation of gained knowledge from project Online Europe. He sent us this email few days after he got home from Zagreb.

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