The youth exchange EntreCULCHAship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was one of the best exchanges I visited until now. We was part of partnership comprises 30 young people from six European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, and North Macedonia.

The project’s context in entrepreneurship in culture (not employed and not in education or training) is worryingly increasing, and the young people do not have the necessary skills to enter the labor market or start private initiatives. The aim of the project was to increase the chances of access to the labor and business market of the NEET youth from 18-30 years by increasing the entrepreneurial skills. The methodology was dynamic and diverse and was based on non-formal education. It included games, presentations, lectures, entrepreneurial education, artistic creation, workshops, visits, intercultural evenings

The activities of the project were the preparation, trust and team building games, presentations of organizations and participants, the Erasmus+ program and the Youthpass certificate, cultural and study visits in Plovdiv. There were 8 workshops in which the participants found out about the entrepreneurship in culture, its causes and effects, and understood the key competences for employment and business. The participants also met with local young entrepreneurs. The central workshops taught young people to elaborate a business plan and prepare its presentation.

On that project, we learnt many new things, which were presented by the two female young professionals working in the Bulgarian NGO.

I hope that in the future I will be able to be a part of another project of this organization in Bulgaria..