Youth Exchange “Soft skills for future employment” took place in Bansko, Bulgaria from 22 to 30 of July. The project was co-funded by Erasmus plus program and the National Agency in Bulgaria.

During the youth exchange “Soft skills for future employment” 36 participants from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia and Russia developed and improved key soft skills competencies, important for their future employment and career path. In the program were allotted topics such as communication, public speaking, creative thinking, time and conflict management, team – work, emotional intelligence and storytelling workshops, which was performed by guest – lecturer and experienced trainer – Kalin Buradzhiev. Activities were facilitated by our colleagues from #SFERA, who managed to further –deepen participants’ sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, project management and peer – learning competencies.

Apart from developing key soft skills, we were hosting cultural evenings, which indeed enhanced participants’ cultural awareness and expression through discovery of new traditions, lifestyle, cultures and habits.

The youth exchange was coordinated by Non – formal group “Be Together”, which is part of the Association WalkTogether and it focuses only on the youth development by learning how to write and manage youth projects and addressing youth needs in the fields of employment, entrepreneurship, etc. The group is run solitary by young volunteers.


Creative thinking
Public speaking
Time management and personal planning
Emotional intelligence

And to the manual

The partners in the project were: #UrbanaMladez (Croatia); #YouthClubAvtive (Estonia); #TavoEuropa (Lithuania); #SFERA Movement ( Russia).

Our great memories from the Youth Exchange “Soft skills for future employment” you can check below.

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