Dear guest,

We want to present to you results of the project 4 elements for 4 corners of Europe, a project funded by European Union. Since this project was about entrepreneurship and how to make a business out of hobby we have prepared an E-book which, we hope, will be of use for you! In this e-book you can find a guide through basics of strategic planning , financial planning, marketing and guerrilla marketing, partnering up, public relationship, on-line community management and multimedia; video, photo & audio. You can download E-book:?How to turn your hobby into a business? here.
On our on-line storage drop box you can find more working material and results that we made during 10 days of workshops.

Also a song we made at this project:  Aftalyfe,JotWu, The Company, Manny & Playmaker – 4 elements for 4 corners of Europe


The rest of our results such as updated information, news, blogs, photo gallery, photo workshop, evaluation videos, posters and flyers, etc. you can find on our FB fan page 4 elements for 4 corners of Europe:


Here you can find a list of videos which are also a results of our project results:

4 elements for 4 corners of Europe – Promo video
PR Video – Hip hop Akademia (4 elements for 4 corners of Europe)
PR Video – Urban Youth (4 elements for 4 corners of Europe)
PR Video – Birs Egyesulet (4 elements for 4 corners of Europe)


You can also find results on web sites of partner organizations. Please visit:

If you need anything or want to cooperate with us be free to contact us on webpages or FB pages…

Evaluation blogs and videos:–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe–4-elements-for-4-corners-of-europe

Wish zou all the best!