The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme established in 1987 offering university students a possibility of studying or doing an internship abroad in another country for a period of at least 2 months and maximum 12 months per cycle of studies. Erasmus+ now offers the possibility to go way beyond the European borders as well.

 This is Onur Kavalcı from Turkey. He is studying Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bogazici University. Let’s see how his Erasmus period went in Belgium. 🙂

What was your motivation about Erasmus? Why did you want to do it?

To acknowledge new cultures, to meet new people and to practice my second language.

Why Belgium?

Because I study Translation and Interpreting Studies, and because Belgium is one of the core places of Translation Studies, I chose Belgium. Also, they have numerous delicious beers, and it is in the center of Europe, so I could travel anywhere I like.

What is your first impression about Erasmus?

Erasmus is all about seizing the moment. That was my first impression, everything I do was spontaneous, adventurous and full of excitement.

Have you ever faced any obstacles before/during/after the mobility?

Only obstacle would be the cost of living in Belgium.

What were the challenges if you specify?

Belgium is, excluding Scandinavia, one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

Which skills did you acquire after Erasmus?

Communicating with total strangers, helping anyone voluntarily, and if possible seizing the moment as I wish.

What are the cultural differences between Belgium and Turkey?

There are huge fundemantal differences, namely Belgium Daily life and culture depends on human rights, freedom and a value given to

Would you recommend Erasmus Mobility Programme to our readers?

I’d definitely recommend it for people who are open to experience new things, meet new people, explore new places and enjoy all of these at that moment.

Thank you for the interview dear Onur! We hope it will help our readers decide 🙂

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