Results of the project „Street show connection“ are finally out! This project is funded by European Union. Project is youth exchange under programme Erasmus plus.


We are proud to present to you video of our street show performance on main square of Zagreb, Croatia. Street show consisted of dance, music, vocal and acrobatic performance.


Also take a look at our photo album


34 participants from 4 countries (Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia) have been preparing this street show for 8 days (23.04. – 30.04.2016). Alongside artistic learning they exchanged their experience and ideas on event management, business planning and learning safety and regulations of outdoor activities. In this way project ?Street show connection? accomplished objectives to teach entrepreneurship skills to youngsters through planning, organization and implementation of a street show. Coordinating organization is Urbana mladež, Croatia while partners are Dom kultury Služewsky, Poland, NGO Stars, Slovenia and On The Ground, Spain.


Participants improved their business planning and event management skills and knowledge; project equipped them with set of skills which gives them possibilities to start thinking in broader terms regarding their artistic skills and talents. Project directed view of their performance as an entrepreneurship venture, introduced participants with rules, regulation and safety of project implementation and outdoor activities in public spaces, improved their artistic skills and performance and improved participants networking skills with participants from other countries.


CULTURAL ASPECT: Another aspect of the project was convergence of cultural diversity between Poland, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia. We had intercultural nights, where we presented our cultures and traditions and spent time together to strengthen our European identity.