We are very excited to bring you project results of our youth exchange The Essence of Dance.

The Essence of dance is Erasmus + KA 1 project funded by the European Union. Project coordinator is Urbana mladež from Croatia while partners are WalkTogether from Bulgaria and Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Przeróżnych from Poland. This project is designed by a group of young people who were particularly hit by current coronavirus pandemic when it comes to their emotional health and overall well-being. Throughout everyday work with their target groups, the partners have identified young people for whom restriction of movement and lack of social connection were extremely overwhelming and caused strong emotions: they felt lonely and isolated, which consequently resulted in increasing their stress and anxiety. This young people decided to fight this stress with social dances. Dance may reduce stress because it is considered exercise. Exercise helps us to become and stay healthy. One of the best results of exercise is the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical produced in the brain that relaxes and puts the body in a happy mood. This project was developed with the main aim to alleviate stress of the participants and to increase their ability to cope with stressful situations throughout the dance.

Please check out our educational video made by participants where we explained how dance effects and improves our health The Essence of Dance – Promo Video. (https://www.facebook.com/urbanamladez/videos/381375689876648).

We are sharing with you part of our positive stress reducing vibes via our photo album The Essence of Dance – Official album (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=urbanamladez&set=a.3941554819227254)

And cheery on top is final online public event of the project where participants implemented free workshops for all public and taught audience to dance bachata and kizomba and shared project results The Essence of Dance – Free online Workshops (https://www.facebook.com/urbanamladez/videos/1080770955781317/).

We invite you to take a look at all our project results and share them on your social media. Share positive dance vibes and get stress reduced ;).