U sklopu projekta? This is our place, our culture? Clan udruge Urbane mladeži – Roberto Mesir bio je zadužen za video dokumentaciju! Sklopio je ugodno s korisnim i osim odlicnog iskustva iz projekta i nezaboravnih dana napravljen je i video o samome projektu. O cemu se tocno radi možete provjeriti ispod a u daljnjem tekstu detaljnije o samome projektu!
Our project “This is about us: Our Place! Our Culture!” is platform for inter-generational learning and volunteering through and for culture and ecology. In this project we want to show power of synergy and cooperation on EU level between organizations devoted to education, culture and environmental protection.

The recipients of the project are senior learners of programmes held in our institutions, to whom we want to offer more possibilities for non-formal learning in an inter-generational framework. The second type of the recipients are adult educators and staff members.

Project participants will have possibilities to take on routes of non-formal learning about ecology and culture in EU countries through a wide range of subjects presented during and between partner meetings. The subjects contains topics which promote respect for the nature and culture including: ecology of our relationships, management of waste, learning about ecology and culture in nature parks, learning about volunteering in museums, taking one “avant-garde in art” and meeting contemporary artist to express themselves through junk art.

The main non-formal educational spheres of the project are:

  1. learning and teaching about EU countries before meetings,
  2. learning during international meetings,
  3. transfer of knowledge through local society by volunteering.

Central to the project will be “eco&culture volunteer group” in each institution, through which we will make volunteering, non-formal learning activities and mobilities.

We will disseminate the project and its results through web page, handbook & DVD with a description of best practices about inter-generational non-formal learning through/for ecology&culture. This project and the results are the basis for long-term cooperation of partners.