If you have already read all general information and conditions from previous article and ready to start looking for project, information below is definitely for you!

Volunteer finds project by himself. But our organization provides all information and consulting support, so don’t hesitate to contact us at urbanamladez@gmail.com.

Find YOUR project

There are two ways to find the project: look for project or look for organization. The second way is more complicated and takes more time but useful if volunteer interested in certain type of organization activities or if the first way doesn’t work well. Database of all accredited organizations is here.

If you like the profile of the organization, write to the email address specified in the description and attach your resume and motivation letter. The problem is even if organization is accredited they may not need EVS volunteers now, so just ask when they plan to recruit volunteers.

You can look for projects all year but the most effective time is 1-3 months before grant deadline. Grant deadline is a time when organizations apply for realization their EVS projects, and in most cases they apply already with selected volunteers. There are 3 deadlines per year:

Project start date Deadline for applications
01.05—30.09 2nd of February
01.08—31.12 26th of April
01.01—31.05 4th of October

Every organization has own rules for applying. For some of them is enough to send CV and motivation letter, others require also to fill their special application. In first case, of course, there are much more applicants.

For going to the project besides host organization (receiving) volunteer also needs sending organization. Urbana Mladez can be your sending organization. For this, please, send us an email urbanamladez@gmail.com with your CV and motivation letter, so we could have some general idea about you as a candidate.

Sometimes in a special application form, which host organization asks to fill, information about sending organization is needed. For this information you can also contact at urbanamladez@gmail.com. Be prepared that some organizations may not respond to your emails regardless of whether there is an application from or just an organizational issue.

Resources for finding

There are some resources which are good for finding EVS opportunities:

* European Youth Portal

* EVS vacancy group on FB – a lot of projects publishes every day. Pay attention that some of them are for participants from certain countries

* Special site for finding EVS projects, mostly “hot” ones

* Web pages/ FB groups of organisations from your country

Selection for the project

When you find the project that you really like, send them all documents they ask. Try to personalize your CV and motivation letter for every project: sure most information will be the same for all applications but add something why you are interested exactly in this project. It would be good also to search in Internet some advices for writing CVs and motivation letters.

After your applying host organization will consider all applications. If you are in short list, they will make a Skype interview with you. Usually it takes 20-40 minutes. Before interview try to think what questions they can ask and prepare answers for them (your motivation for participation in this project, what do you know about organization, do you have some experience in this field before, etc.).

But don’t forget not only answer questions, but to ask them too. Find out all details you want to know: ask to tell more about organization, what exactly you will do, living conditions, etc. Ypu can ask for contacts of previous EVSers and talk with them. You will live and work there not one week, so the more you know, the more you are prepared.

After getting good news

If host organization accepts you for the EVS project, let us know about it as soon as possible at urbanamladez@gmail.com. With host organization we will prepare everything for applying for the grant.

Application for the grant is considered during 8-16 weeks (depends on country), so be ready to wait. Usually 80% of all applied projects are accepted (not bad, yeah?). Host organization will contact you immediately after getting results.

During the time of waiting you can prepare yourself for project: learn more about visa issues (if it’s needed), about country you go, weather; read something that can help you in future work activities, contact ex-EVSers, etc.

After getting grant as a sending organization we will also make a pre-departure training with you where explain all your rights during the project, conditions you should have and what to do in different situations. Besides, we will sign activity agreement (between you, host organization and sending organization) which regulate all aspects of project (living conditions, amount of monthly payments (food, transport and pocket money), language course, work schedule, days off, etc.).

If you have any questions, you can contact us at urbanamladez@gmail.com.

Good luck in finding, approving and going on YOUR EVS project!

This article is a part of Erasmus project “Youth mobility – Cro – EU” funded be European Union.