Before I close the EVS page of my life book, I wanted to motivate you with my experience here in Zagreb. I am Gülşah, a.k.a gulaš, 23 y.o girl from Turkey, Adana to be precise. (KEBAP YES) Now I can hear you say “Ohhh some of our words are in Turkissshhhh!!” Hahaha that’s true! It was super fun for me to find out what other words you also have after having heard cezve (džezva) and yastık (jastuk) and I realised they’re actually quite a lot!

(You may remember me from this article

Now that time flew so fast and we are about to finish our EVS programme, I can eventually have a flashback by the help of my first article about my first impressions and I can evaluate myself accordingly. Any comment/ compliment/ complaint/ question is welcome 😛

I can’t tell you what happened in one year in details (would be boring for you to read shit load of pages), so I will just try to summarize it with what remained in my mind.

  • First of all, I travelled a lot!
    In Croatia I went to Opatija, Rijeka, Zadar, Pula, Porec, Split, Rovinj, Pag island, Plitvice lakes and Dubrovnik
    Outside of Croatia I went to Bosnia (Sarajevo and Mostar), Serbia (Belgrade), Bulgaria (Sofia), Germany (Regensburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Cologne), Netherlands (Rotterdam), Belgium (Bruges), Poland (Warsaw and Cracow) ,Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn).


  • Secondly, I developed my skills by teaching how to dance to the international and local people as my personal project


  • I learnt how to write and manage a project and I developed my leadership skills after I carried out one of my youth exchange projects approved by National Agency.

        You can watch our choreography by clicking on the photo.


  • I developed my English writing and speaking skills besides of learning Croatian language. (I hate your 7 cases btw!)


  • I made my best friends here!


  • I set targets and tried to reach them during my EVS such as being able to do splits, eating healthily, watching plenty of TV shows and movies, and developing my dancing skills.  To reach them, I stretched almost everyday, followed healthy food channels on instagram and youtube, went to contemporary and bale classes, and finished all the seasons of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Black Mirror and Sherlock. In the end, I became more flexible, lost weight, developed my dancing and my English skills thanks to the TV shows. Additionally, I learnt how to ice skate and play tennis. (super beginner)


  • And of course I had a lot of fun!!! (for the sake of rakija!)

My volunteering experiences are:

  • project writing and management
  • “How to travel for free” presentations once in 2 months
  • Writing articles & interviewing people about Erasmus+ programmes
  • Personal project: teaching salsa
  • Writing newsletters about upcoming projects
  • Collecting PR of our organisational posts
  • Personal project: Turkish language table event
  • Setting agreement with partners around the world
  • Running our organisation’s contact mail address

For more, you are all invited to our event @Funk Club on Wednesday (5 Sept)

Vidimo se uskoro! 🙂
Gulsah Can

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