Hey there!

First of all we want to thank the ones who participated in our event. You heard pretty much about our experiences, acquirements and full of fun stories of 1 year. We hope we could inspire you with our photo exhibition and we hope you’ll go for EVS as well. If you have any questions about exhibition or EVS programme, don’t hesitate to contact us! urbanamladez@gmail.com

Our EVS’ers Gulsah and Bea are leaving this month, so their adventure in Zagreb is about to be over. If you want to check their farewell articles



Take care and see you in our next event with our new EVS’ers!

Goodbye fellas!

This article is a part of EVS project “Cro – EU – Planet Earth” funded by European Union. Objective of our project is to inform Croatian youth and involve them in various educational, work related, volunteering and traveling opportunities. This event is just one of many to be organized! If you want to be updated on various opportunities Planet Earth has to offer please subscribe to our mailing list by sending us email on urbanamladez@gmail.com with title “Subscribe” and put in your name and surname and year of birth.
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