Our today story is a bit unusual than others: Barbara started her travel “career” just at 17 and already visited all Seven Modern Wonders in the world! Now she is luxury traveller and lifestyle blogger:)

Q: When and why did you start travelling?

Barbara: I grew up in Hungary and originally left my country when I was 17 to pursue modeling. I traveled to London, Paris, Milan,  Tokyo, New York. Then I moved to New York for 9 years and then from there I moved to London a few years ago. During these years I visited 68 counties.

Q: What are the most unforgettable events/moments happened with you? (1-3 examples)

Barbara: I visited the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. (The Machu Picchu, The Colosseum in Rome, The Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Petra in Jordan, Taj Mahal and the Chinese Great Wall). I have also climbed the Kilimanjaro. It was very difficult to reach the summit.

Q: One thing which you don’t like about travelling.

Barbara: I don’t like to go to airports and lining up at airport security.

Q: What is the main learning(s) you got during travelling?

Barbara: Experiences over possessions. I try gather as many experiences as possible as opposed to excess cloths and unnecessary belongings. My life has been a real adventure. Sometimes it was like a rollercoaster, but I have made lots of great friends along the journey and now, I have friends all over the World.

Q: What places do you still dream to visit and why?

Barbara: I would like to visit the Maldives, Saint-Lucia, St-Barth’s, Aruba.

Q: Are there any three things you can’t travel without?

Barbara: I need my phone for GPS and camera. I need a credit card that doesn’t charge international fees and I need my Reef flip flops.

Q: Can you give some useful advices, tips & tricks for future travelers?

Barbara: Don’t make excuses, if you want to go somewhere, just set out and explore the World. Even if no one wants to go with you, you should just go alone and you will meet great people along the journey. The World is a very exciting place and there are so many beautiful sites to discover.

For more stories and tips & tricks check Barbara’s website and Instagram!

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