Lately, people are getting increasingly lazy because of some reasons such as unnecessary products/ tools that eases the daily work and also the cyber world which causes people sit on their laptop for hours and avoid real life outside. Additionally, most of the people overestimate doing exercise and therefore avoid it. As a result, people have lost their creativity and movement. They have become anti-social individuals dependent on their laptops and smart phones, with lack of self-confidence, unhealthy lifestyle, and increased stress. Well, how can we solve this problem then? 
Dancing as a hobby is getting more and more popular but people still don’t feel like doing it as they think they have no talent whatsoever. It’s not only a sport, but also a branch of art. That means it upgrades your creativity and point of view in life as well as making you fit and healthy. However, it has nothing to do with talent. We should always keep that in mind that every dancer, either social or professional ones, start with basic steps. It’s the best of all exercises as you don’t really feel like doing exercise but having fun. You also socialise with others while dancing, so what else do you want for the god’s sake? 😀 

Come on! Just give it a try. I ensure you’ll become a happier person even after the first class. But I must warn you, it is like a bar of chocolate, you may get addicted in the end 🙂

Live, love, dance <3