How I started to sell my hobby for the sake of travel 🙂

I was an 18 year-old teenager and very stubborn one. My elder brother used to study far away and he promised me to celebrate my 18th birthday but my parents were stubborn, too! They had lots of excuses not to allow me to go to his city. Their biggest excuse was about money. I cried yes but never gave up! Then suddenly, all the pieces fit together in one moment of inspiration! I knew how to make a bracelet or armbands, or braid bands for hair, so I bought all the materials I needed and made some samples to sell in my school. I was already in my senior year in highschool so I went to freshmen’s classes and introduced them my masterpieces :P. I told that my aim to earn this money is to travel to my brother’s city. Second day even my teachers came to my class to buy some bracelets for their children or nieces/nephews. My travelling adventure started with this story. I made huge amount of money in 3 days and was able to buy my return tickets. My parents couldn’t say anything else, no more excuses. They saw how eager I was about visiting my brother.

Then I met Begüm on instagram years years later. She was selling earrings and cups that she made from polimer clay. Her aim was to travel as well. I knew supporting her was really important so I wanted to be a part of it. I made her commercials on my instagram story and told my friends how beautiful she makes earrings and cups from polimer clay. She has travelled around Turkey so far and now she’s preparing for Europe tour with the money she saved. I never gave up, she never gave up, you’ll never give up dreaming. Just wait for your “Aha!” moment. HAVE A SAFE TRIP!