Dear youth,
We are honored to present to you project results of “Dance me to the end of love”, Erasmus plus project funded by the European Union. This project is a Youth Exchange which took place from the 4th till 11th June in Zagreb. Our participants were 33 young people from Bulgaria (Walk Together) , Turkey (Pi GençlikDerneği), Lithuania (Apkabink Europa) and Croatia (Urbana mladež) who are working together on raising awareness about feminism through dance education and workshops.
Dance me to the end of love is a dance choreographic project which spreads the real meaning of
feminism. Our objective is to change the opinion of youth from „Feminism hates men“to „Feminism
is justice for all: sexes, age, race and sexual identities.“, using dance and social media as a tool to reach this aim. Our second objective is to empower participants with initiative, creative, digital and media competences. Our third goal is to overcome stereotypes „Dance with same-sex means homosexuality“. That’s why we decided to show that women can lead in dance and men can follow and that it should be pleasant to dance with someone from the same sex if we wish to.

Participants had a dance performance at Ban Josip Jelačić Square on 09.06. from 17 to 19h where they presented dance choreography made by them during days of mobility. Participants also decided to give free dance lessons at Buena Vista social club on 10.06. to anyone interested to come.  Also big part of our project is challenge #yestofeminism where participants invite all dancers to record their own dance and put it on the social network under hashtag #yestofeminism and share it with the world.

We are bringing you final performance video as a first #yestofeminism challenge and photo gallery from our project. Please be free to share video and answer the challenge by making your own dance video.
Here is the link to a video
And link to a photo gallery