Promotion is one of the most important factor in the economy; a good promotion plan makes the
difference between success and failure. Promotion can be accessible if we have the right tools to
discover its target audience and a good communication channel. Main objective of this project was to
equip participants with the skills needed to create a promotional campaign, to use media and online
networks in a helpful and productive way, by sharing methods, experience, examples of good
practice and enhancing their creative and practical thinking using non-formal education techniques.
We provided participants with the competences to turn any environment or situation in their
favour when it comes to marketing by using creative thinking.

“Pro Mo“ is Erasmus + KA1 project funded by European Union. Hosting organization is Tavo Europa, Lithuania. Partner organizations are Croatia Urbana mladez, Italy Associazione PrimOlio Saperi e Sapori di Calabria,  Bulgaria Walk together, Poland Stowarzyszenie Sztukater, Czech  Republic EVROPSKE CENTRUM MLADEZE BRECLAV – EUROPEAN YOUTH CENTRE BRECLAV Z.S. and Spain ASOCIACION PROJUVEN

Objectives of the project were:
– To enhance creative thinking related to marketing;
– To share between participants methods and tools to improve the quality of promotion and
– To engage participants to share good practice examples between themselves;
– To promote networking within the Erasmus + Youth in Action by creating cooperation
opportunities for youth organisations.
Youth exchange was from 15th to 22nd of March 2018) in Lithuania, Trakai region. It included number of workshops, simulations and presentations about public speaking, visualizing, methods of information delivery, training methods, games and energizers, session dynamics, etc.

We bring you business and promotional plans of participants groups on the project. Each group had a task to make full business and promotional plans for their ideas and implement marketing plans on social networks and emailing.  They made FB Fan page with accompanying posters, flyers, cover pages and logo. Also FB event which will present their company and attract clients with accompanying PR text and social media covers. Participants made Instagram business profiles with accompanying social media posts and photos. They also made business YoutTube channels and video ad for their idea. Participants made business profile on MailChimp, a professional emailing service, where they created their newsletter for their clients and invited them to visit their event and social media profiles.
Check out creative work of our participants, comments, share, talk to us! 🙂

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Facebook event

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