Traži se 6 sudionika za projekt razmjene mladih “Art of change” u Italiji te 2 sudionika za APV (Advance Planning Visit). Pokriven je smještaj, hrana i put do 275€. Sudionici trebaju imati između 20 i 25 godina za razmjenu mladih dok za APV nema dobne granice. Sudionici će trebati platiti 30 € participation fee u roku od 24h kada budu odabrani te kupiti kartu kao finalnu potvrdu za sudjelovanje.
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Više o projektu:
An Erasmus+ & NDU Intercultural Youth Exchange 5th – 14th October 2018 and APV (Advance Planning Visit) from 30.08. – 02.09.2018. Fragneto Monforte, Benevento, Italy.

“Art of Change” expresses the willingness of the project partnership to get to know and explore cultures, knowledge and identities of the participating countries & people representing respectively Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain & Turkey.
The specific themes of this youth exchange are:
 “Culture and Arts”
 “Entrepreneurial Learning”
 “Rural development”
Therefore, we will hold workshops of balancing, dance, theatre, body awareness, juggling, outdoor activities aimed at building a peaceful atmosphere and a cooperative working group, to discover oneself, to discover others, to share our dreams. The evenings will be dedicated to each of the participating countries and to the people who will share traditional and typical games, such as clownery, music, theater and dance. We will also visit other local associations who have managed to transform their passion and hobbies into a working occupation and target the local youth in a public event to share our international dimension, send out important messages to the community and explain what European opportunities are around us.

Who can participate
The project “Art of Change” is an intercultural youth exchange involving 30 young people from Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain & Turkey. They can be: young people, boys and girls, aged between 20 and 25, art lovers and interested in topics. In this intercultural exchange, the interests and needs of young people orbit around the themes of art and culture, rural development, entrepreneurial learning which are also meant as future long-term employment.

The project will take place in Fragneto Monforte (Benevento), about 90km from
Naples. The accommodation is a municipal structure that already hosts “Takkarata”, a
cultural association that promotes and deals with traditional music.