Syncro-Synergy Croatia is urgently looking for 2 participants (people who are directly involved in EVS coordination, such as mentors, supervisors or Staff from EVS accredited organizations) for the project “Cooperation for better EVS” in Bursa, Turkey from 11 to 17 August 2018 organized by Turkey “Gönüllü Hareketi”
Objectives of the Project:
• To meet and learn more about the partner organizations and their experiences in EVS.
• To analyse the basic needs of a better partnership and create a long-lasting partnership among
the partner organizations for higher quality partnership in EVS
• To reflect the roles of each actors in EVS projects (Sending, Coordinating and Recieving).
• To increase the quality of EVS activities through sharing already existing practices and developing
new ones for better experiences.
• To share and create new approaches to support volunteers during pre-departure: esp. Motivation
Letter and CVs.
• To focus on Youthpass-Key Competences.
• To find out the components of a good Activity/Volunteer/Partnership Agreement and analysing
good and bad practices.
• To learn more about the possible activities of each organization.
• To have a better understading of the possible problems and hardships of EVS and create new
approaches to overcome them.
• To create an interactive platform to keep in touch after the Project dates.
• To write new sending and hosting projects for next deadlines.
Let us know by 7th July if you are interested, in order to get further information about how to apply.
contact us for infopack!