Project Name : Improving The Health Quality Awareness
Project Venue : İzmir – Turkey
Project Dates : 1th July 2018 – 30th June 2019
Project Duration : 12 Months
Number Of Volunteers : 1 Person

Profile of the volunteer:

• Between the ages of 18 and 30
• Microsoft Office programs and internet skills
• To be strong on communication skill
• It’s not the problem-oriented the solution-minded think.
• Fluent in English
• Tend to team work
• Work with young people in different religions and cultures
• Responsible for delivering the work properly and on time.
• They do not require luxury requirements on the study area and accommodation. (Cleanliness
and safety are important for us)
• Creative and open-minded
• Looking knowledged / experienced or interested / enthusiastic volunteers on youth work.

In addition, it is not compulsory;
• If you have knowledge and experience in creating and managing volunteer websites, this is
the reason for your preference.
• If you have knowledge about the institution and management on WordPress this is the
reason for you preference.
• If you have a professional digital camera or camera, this is the reason for you preference.
• If volunteers have got experiences about using and applying non-formal education technics,
this is the reason for your preference.
• If you are experienced in managing groups in meetings and activities like volunteer, Youth
exchange and etc., this is the reason for your preference.

“Improving The Health Quality Awareness” is an EVS (European Voluntary Service) project run under the Erasmus Plus program. Within the scope of this project, 1 volunteers will give support to the work of hosting organization for 1 year with the following duties and responsibilities (in infopack). The “Improving The Health Quality Awareness” project is a project designed to make the volunteer work of hosting organization and volunteer associations more visible. If you have got these volunteer skills and interested in our project, send your English CV (Europass Format) and motivation letter to The most important selection criteria for volunteers is that the candidates’ communication skills.

To volunteers’ will be paid,
Travel Support : 275 Euro (International round-trip) + 180 Euro (Domestic round-trip) = 455 Euro
Pocket Money : 3 Euro per day X 30 days (1 month) = 90 Euro
Food Money : 4,20 Euro per day X 30 days (1 month) = 126 Euro
Also hosting organization will support to volunteers for accommodation, local transit, invoices of
volunteer room, visa and residence permit, language course (Turkish). Hosting organization has a
volunteer place (room) and when you accept to be participant of this project you have to stay there.
Please dont forget to learn accommodation details from hosting organization.

The project already started so don’t be late to apply! As soon as you’re approved, you need to be there.

Good luck!