We already made a presentation about making money out of our hobbies and travelling with that money. Now I want to show you a living proof. This is Ibrahim Akyuz from Turkey. He is literally born to travel. Even though there are some monetary or time obstacles (limited day off bc of job agreement) in front of him, he never gives up and sees it through. So far, he has travelled around Turkey and Ukraine by camping, using couchsurfing, and hitchhiking. He had a dream of going on a world tour with a small amount of money, so he was always putting it into words on social media. Later on, his followers supported him with money. Some of them bought his tickets, some of them gave him a huge amount of money just to support him with his dream, some of them supported him with their diy crafts for him to sell on the road. He also learned how to make bracelets and necklaces.

This photo was taken while he was selling his bracelets and necklaces on Singapore streets 🙂

Now he is in Malaysia, he will continue to his trip as much as he can. He is using couchsurfing, hitchhiking, eating with the money he earned  from bracelets or with the money from his supporters. As you can see from our living proof, everything is possible, if you are thirsty for it. Use all the opportunities when you can because you only live once!

I put this photo here to motivate you for your dreams! 😀 


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