Urbana mladež traži 4 sudionika za projekt “Pro Mo”u Litvi od 15 – 22.03. Projekt je financiran od Europske Unije i pokriveni su troškovi puta, smještaja i hrane.

Ciljevi projekta vezani su uz neformalu edukaciju mladih u području promocije, marketinga i networkinga. Molimo da se jave sudionici koji su zbilja zainteresirani za ovu temu i potrebna im je.

Prijave na linku https://goo.gl/forms/gnHq59dvOwzGDro92

Opis projekta
Promotion is one of the most important factor in the economy; a good promotion plan makes the
difference between success and failure. Promotion can be accessible if we have the right tools to
discover its target audience and a good communication channel. Main objective of this project is to
equip participants with the skills needed to create a promotional campaign, to use media and online
networks in a helpful and productive way, by sharing methods, experience, examples of good
practice and enhancing their creative and practical thinking using non-formal education techniques.
We aim to provide participants with the competences to turn any environment or situation in their
favour when it comes to marketing by using creative thinking. Through this project, we will reach
youngsters who plan to start their own business, study or are interested in marketing. Youngsters
often have initiative and ideas in starting their own small business or events and they face the
difficulty of finding a way to promote it efficiently and with minimum or no financial effort. For
example, youngster from all the high schools organise every year proms and different events with
different thematic, for this they make crowdfunding in order to have the necessary finance.
Unfortunately, big part of the money goes on advertisement as they don’t have the knowledge to
promote it. Creativity has the biggest part in designing of promotion campaign, and our youth have
plenty of creativity
Objectives of the project are:
– To enhance creative thinking related to marketing;
– To share between participants methods and tools to improve the quality of promotion and
– To engage participants to share good practice examples between themselves;
– To promote networking within the Erasmus + Youth in Action by creating cooperation
opportunities for youth organisations.

Više info u info packu https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FBa8–2XNJyxL1s728cKWr3jRx7hxyfg