In the morning everybody went back outside to the playground where we again had some teambuilding activities. We played “Frozen Grandma”, and also “Color Shopping”. Everybody was a bit tired from the party the day before, but we still had fun. After that we went back to the hostel whereRead More →

Today was the first day of the Online Europe project. Some of us arrived early and we used that time to set up the room where presentations are going to take place. When everyone arrived, we went out to a nearby playground. There we played some teambuilding games to getRead More →

Dragi citatelji i simpatizeri Urbane mladeži, Ponosno vam javljamo da nam je odobren još jedan projekt razmjene mladih Erasmus plus programa. Ovoga puta radi se o informaticko komunikacijskoj tehnologiji, takozvanim društvenim mrežama, emailingu i mobilnim aplikacijama. U ovome projektu prolazimo kroz lako dostupne kanale komunikacije kojim možemo unaprijediti osobne iRead More →

We bring you tape of yesterdays interview on Radio Student show Mixtape Session with president of Urban Youth. Interview is on Croatian! We talked about project 4 elements for 4 corners of Europe, our organization and future cooperation with Dom Kultury Sluzewsky (Hip-hop Akademia) and Birs Egyesulet.   Big thanksRead More →